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We offer, over the phone pricing on most services, Flat rates, Competitve pricing. Residential, Commercial and Industrial services.  Service calls on a 24 hr basis.  Service upgrades, Panel upgrades.  We remodel older homes and newer homes.  We offer services anywhere in the metro.


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Sheetrock and painting are covered in our remodeling department.


Electrical is our specialty. We have been licensed since 2002.  Our company has completed hundreds of permits in the Kansas City Metro area, in all six counties. We are licensed and insured in three states and have the best prices in town. 


We offer services in plumbing as well.


We offer competitive pricing for carpentry.

Nutritional Cooking

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Some things that your certified electrical contractor in Kansas City and industrial electrician in Kansas City wished you were aware of

Do you wish to engage in any residential electrical services in Kansas City on your own? Are you tempted in handling by yourself some tasks that you should otherwise hand out to any residential electrical contractors in Kansas City? Ensure that you go through this article about what most providers of home electrical services in Kansas City, commercial electrical services in Kansas City, and even local electrical contractors in Kansas City would advise.

Never attempt any tasks that a residential electrician in Kansas City or industrial electrical contractors should perform. Many of those companies which provide home electrical services in Kansas City. Have spent quite a number of years studying how to repair, inspect, install, and even plan electrical products. This is why we have become professional home electrical contractors in Kansas City and industrial electrical services in Kansas City. No matter the temptation or the urge, never underestimate the power of what electricity can do. It is quite dangerous and complicated. Most times, it could be easy to get electrocuted or to start a fire if you do not know what you are doing. You should leave a professional commercial electrician in Kansas City like us to handle anything that goes beyond plugging something into the wall. The price of your safety cannot be compared to the cost of calling on us or any other corporate electrical contractors in Kansas City.


Never immediately turn of your main breaker. Do not attempt to shut off only your electric panel’s main circuit breaker if at all you do decide to go ahead to handle your electric issues by yourself. The top switch is usually the main circuit breaker and every expert in domestic electrical installation in Kansas City like us at b and b electric knows this. The entire load of electricity would have nowhere to go when you turn off this top switch suddenly. If you do this, then the panel would become overloaded and you would have a very serious fix for a registered electrical contractor in Kansas City to handle. Any of the local electricians in Kansas City as well as the experts providing electrical services in Kansas City know that before the main breaker is turned off, the individual circuits must be first turned off.

There is really no need to take chances with your electrical problems when our company at is a reputable establishment of residential electricians near me. You can also count on us to handle all your electronic repair service in Kansas City.

B and B Electric

Electrical Contracting Services


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